The gateway

It represents the address with high symbolic power and gives the Gruenehaus a worthy entrance.

gruenehaus tor


Colored glass creates light guides that connect the levels.

gruenehaus Treppenhaus


Hanging outdoor paths provide interesting changes of perspective. Roof terraces, winter gardens, balconies and pergolas, offer
vantage points and resting places, catches of light and oases. They structure the facade and give plants a foothold.

Grünehaus Berlin Innenhof

Tree house

A duplex house has been constructed in a former building gap on the 4th and 5th floors. The house comes with its own roof garden and tree as well as a balcony.

gruenehaus Baumhaus

Loft house

An elongated bungalow has been built on the 4th floor of the old side wing. The bungalow features overhanging wooden arched ribs, a loggia at one end, and a terrace.